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"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Unknown
Often but wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill.

We are passionate about developing effective digital strategy online to help you (digitally speaking of course) effectively wine and dine your prospects online. Think of us at The Strategy Agency as your own digital Sun Tzu!

What's the point?

Digital Strategy is the backbone of your online efforts. It's what elevates a website from a simple online brochure into an effective online conversion machine by bringing everything together to work towards achieving a clear result.

By setting clear and quantifiable goals, we then work directly with you in order to come up with the best strategies on achieving these goals based on priority and ROI for your business.

We're not rocket scientists - we simply choose (and justify) the tools and tactics that can best achieve the goals you are aiming for (eg more sales, more reach, more leads, more retention, more market share) then set up clear reporting and measurable metrics to make it clear to everyone whether we're on track to achieve these goals.

Put another way, without an effective digital strategy, all you've really got is a wishlist of things you want to achieve, but no plan.

Plan to succeed

A digital strategy is your game plan. It's your playbook. It's your map, compass and satellite GPS.

A true digital strategy identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It defines business goals and what metrics to use in order to measure how well you're tracking toward them so you know what success looks like. It outlines the strategies used to address those goals, and the tactics and tools needed to execute the strategies.

Given it forms the foundation for all the digital work your business does going forward, it's not an exaggeration to say that a digital strategy is incredibly important.

Here's why we're best placed to help you come up with one:

Strategy Checklist

Reasons why you need a digital strategy

For all of its absolutely critical importance, digital strategy is bizarrely often ignored or glossed over in the grand scheme of things for a number of organisations.

Ask the following questions in relation to your organisation's online approach to determine if you could benefit from a bulletproof digital strategy.

Question #1

Would you like your business to gain direction and momentum?

If strategic goals aren't clear, defined and measurable, then this is kind of like being lost out in the woods without a map or compass in bear country. There might be small lucky wins here and there, but let's be honest - this is a stressful way to live. Also, bears.

Question #2

Do you want your business to be left behind?

Remember Blockbuster Video? Kodak? Taxis? They all chose to ignore digital strategy. Extreme examples, sure, but these are/were all large businesses and industries who didn't dedicate enough time and resources into correctly identifying online goals and markets online. Competitors are only too happy to step in to pick up the slack.

Question #3

Does your business need to be more efficient?

Digital strategy can help budget out resources in order to hit identified longer term goals. Additionally it can cut out duplication and inefficiencies - resulting a leaner organisation where every resource is used to their potential resulting in a better team overall.

Question #4

Do you only want to invest in approaches and strategies that can deliver a tangible result for your business?

A good digital strategy will establish benchmarks to activity and identify clear and measurable goals for online activity. This means you can measure what's working and what isn't. The stuff that isn't working gets dropped, and the stuff that is working gets optimised to work even more effectively - for an improved Return on Investment.

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