Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

for Perth Businesses

SEM covers advertising on search engine results. As a Google user enters in search terms, the most prominent results returned (at the top and to the right of the results page) are paid ads.

This paid search engine advertising works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, where advertisers are only charged when users actually click their advert. This means you are only paying for qualified traffic who are engaged enough to click your ad.

What is SEM?

Due to Google's overwhelming market share, the term "SEM" is fairly interchangeable with "Google AdWords" - Google's own platform for creating and managing SEM campaigns. While Bing and Yahoo have their own separate platforms, this is something that can be discussed in person if recommended for your business.

First, some background:

We optimise your account, your ads, your keywords and your landing pages from a holistic viewpoint in order to make your SEM activity as effective and as efficient as possible.

We ♥ Online Advertising

SEM can be ruthless. Set up and managed correctly, SEM provides a reliable and accurate stream of income. Set up incorrectly and you'll lose your shirt.

Though we regularly set up "fresh" accounts from scratch for small & medium businesses, most of the time we start by cleaning up poorly set up or inefficient accounts that are not delivering a correct ROI.

Whether it's a brand new account, or taking over an existing one, here's how we ensure your SEM account is performing effectively:

SEM Checklist

Questions to ask before you hire an SEM Agency

No two ways about it, hiring an agency to handle your SEM activity is a big decision that can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

You need to find a search agency that you can trust in order to represent your business effectively in this channel, and ensure your budget is spent wisely and effectively.

The questions below should certainly help you get a good handle on whoever you're considering and whether they'll be the right fit.

Question #1

What is the minimum contract term for my campaign?

Many SEM agencies tie their customers to 6/12/24 month contracts in order to ensure clients are locked in for ongoing agency revenue. The obvious downside is for clients to be tied to ineffective, inefficient or underperforming campaigns for significant periods of time.

Here at The Strategy Agency, we don't do lock-in contracts. We feel the quality of our work is enough to ensure customers stay with us voluntarily.

Question #2

How do you charge for SEM management and setup?

Many SEM agencies charge by keyword, as this provides a straightforward way of billing. The downside here is twofold. Firstly, AdWords accounts often have hundreds of keywords. Secondly, not all keywords are equal - some keywords deliver a lot of traffic, some a little, some none.

The Strategy Agency doesn't charge per keyword, we simply operate off an hourly rate for setup and management.

Question #3

How often will you provide reports, and what will they look like?

You deserve more than a lazy Google screencap. A good SEM agency should not just provide clear ranking reports, but they should provide context and recommendations to these reports so you can capitalise on new opportunities via actionable insights. You need to make the numbers work for you.

Question #4

How do you determine if your SEM efforts are successful?

Good SEM agencies measure Return on Investment (ROI) and macro/micro conversions. Simply put, you need established metrics and goalposts that build your business and can clearly demonstrate success. Getting traffic via SEM is one thing, but getting traffic that converts into a sale via SEM is another thing altogether.

Question #5

Why should we hire you over another SEM agency?

There are no shortcuts here. Anyone who offers their services based on a low price point could easily do more harm than good to your bottom line and reputation with prospective customers. Quality SEM requires a systematic approach and ongoing management and monitoring in order to continue to deliver effective results. Choose an agency who treats the discipline with respect and has the happy clients and strong reputation to prove it.

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