Digital Analytics

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"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don't know which half."

Sure it's a well-known quote, but it sadly rings true for many marketers and business owners.

Fortunately, for online activity at least, through the correct setup and management of digital analytics, it's a quote that no longer needs to be applicable. Track success, learn about your audience and what makes them tick (or scares some of them away).

Use digital analytics to divide (segment your audience) and conquer (your competition).

Enter Web Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool from Google, but it isn't what anyone would call "user friendly". If Analytics isn't installed correctly, isn't measuring the right things, or isn't managed by the right user, then the very real risk is that valuable insights are slipping through your fingers - costing you customers and revenue.

Relax. We can help.

Firstly, we're Google Analytics certified. We can help you make sense of your website and your website audience by providing context, finding and filtering the hard data, key figures and firm numbers to help create actionable insights.

Secondly, through the use of careful setup, ongoing management, custom reports and one-off dashboards we are the antidote to analysis paralysis - helping you to measure traffic and discover trends that can result in bigger sales and better business online.

Be in control

You need your analytics working effectively because information is power.

Through correct setup and management of Google Analytics, you get a far deeper insight into your current and potential customers which, when paired with measurement tools (like custom events, goals and funnel activity), allow you to find out exactly what is and isn't working for you.

Here's why we're suited to help:

Agency Checklist

Questions to ask before you hire an Analytics Agency

We'd recommend asking the following to any digital analytics agency you're meeting to get a feel for how they operate and whether they'll be able to meet your expectations. Digital analytics is a complex beast that can deliver a real impact for your business, so it's not something you want to trust to the wrong person or digital agency.

Question #1

What is the tool speciality of your team? Google or Adobe?

Most agencies specialise in either one tool or the other. What's important here is that you match the tool to your agency - you don't necessarily want to pick an Adobe-specialist to work on your site analytics if your site analytics have historically been recorded in Google Analytics.

While there's some crossover between the tools, and each have their strengths and weaknesses, it's often much less time and hassle to receive reports and insight based around the analytics suite you already have installed complete with the historical analytics data already present.

Question #2

What are the questions I should be asking about my data?

The relationship between the data and the business should be central to any answer that is given here. Rather than being fed generic metrics around bounce rates, impressions or pageviews, the answer should clearly tie into overall business objectives.

If your question is "how is my business making its revenue online" then a good agency will not just list standard metrics, but justify how custom goals, metrics and segmentation can be used to best determine who is buying, when, where and why.

A great analytics agency will also provide additional justified recommendations as to how you can likely make even more revenue online...

Question #3

How often will you provide reports, and what will they look like?

You deserve more than a lazy Google Analytics screencap. An effective digital analytics / ROI measurement agency should not just provide clear analytics dashboards and reports, but they should provide context and recommendations so you can capitalise on new opportunities for conversions and engagement via actionable insights.

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