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"Well, there's spam egg sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it." - Terry Jones
Spare two minutes to watch Monty Python's Spam skit on Youtube.

There's a lot of ways to do email marketing wrong. The good news is that we know exactly how to do it right. Done correctly, email marketing is a cost-effective and measurable communication method that gets consistent results from your database for all the right metrics.

Inbox Despair Delight

It's almost comical really. No-one likes spam, no-one likes junky emails filling up their inbox, and everyone gets a tonne of emails every single day. But still, companies continue to stoically send out regular email marketing messages that don't provide any real benefit to recipients.

Get the recipe right and email marketing is an exceptionally efficient and highly trackable way of communicating with your audience.

Email works

Email marketing continues to be the most-used form of digital advertising that is surprisingly flexible to business needs. Depending on how it is applied it can be a sales tool, a branding exercise or an easy way to test taglines, headlines or new products.

Grow your database, segment your audiences by interest, personalise your messages, and get a dialogue going. Use email to be front-of-mind with your customers and prospects at all stages of their buying cycle with this versatile and trackable tool.

Here's why we're well-suited to partner with you in email marketing:

Common Email Mistakes

A few signs you're giving email a bad name

Given email marketing is so common, we see a range of problems frequently appearing in poor email marketing strategies. Is your business guilty of any of the following?

If so, we should chat.

Problem #1

You're writing to please the marketing department or your boss, not your customers.

The task ("send an email") has become more important than the purpose of the task (what you actually want customers to do).

This is common with regular email newsletters. They have devolved into monthly chores, a line item on a marketer's checklist, that are sent out by habit rather than tactically addressing the original business case as to why an email newsletter was required in the first place. The inevitable result is a passionless example of junk email that's easily ignored, marked as spam, or unsubscribed.

Do you suffer from this email problem? Contact us today.

Problem #2

The email is about what the business wants instead of what the customer needs.

We call this the "wishlist to Santa" approach. Where the email communication is sent out under the optimistic assumption that recipients will just blindly do what the business wants in the email. The problem is that the email was created without any consideration as to the recipients needs, motivations and expectations. This is back to front.

Do you suffer from this email problem? Contact us today.

Problem #3

Your emails are trying to be "everything to everyone"

This is where the email is actually more like a webpage. It contains dozens of links. Multiple calls-to-action. It goes out to everyone in your database and attempts to please every type of customer. There's tonnes of text. Sometimes no clickthroughs at all, just an essay.

This is a situation where the business has misconpcetions about the use of email, thinking that the entire sales/user/lead journey occurs within the space of a single send-out. By trying to appeal to everyone, you risk ending up sending a diluted message that appeals to nobody. Instead, encourage a percentage of engaged customers to click through the email for more detailed info.

Do you suffer from this email problem? Contact us today.

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